A Thawed Out Henna Touchup

I’ve been itching to share this post and somehow it got lost.

A long while back, I shared in my review of Dove’s Nourishing Conditioner  how I needed a henna touch up. Lately, I’ve just not felt like going through the process so me and my gray’s have been hanging tight.

Eventually, I got around to doing my henna but only did a quick root touch up to see if I could achieve the same results in less time. Also, when you henna your roots, only that section of hair experiences the loosening effects of henna. Not really much of a concern for me, I just wanted a quick session.

thawed out henna treatment

The henna I used was a thaw out. I had this henna in the freezer for about 6 months. I had forgotten all about it until my husband asked me what it was that was in the freezer wrapped in foil!

I thawed out the henna and didn’t add any honey or conditioner to it the way I normally would.  It may have had those things already in the henna but i don’t know since I don’t recall what I added to it (other than water) when it was first mixed.

It’s true what I’ve read though.

Frozen henna that’s been thawed out has some serious potency. I left this henna on my head for only 2 hours and got full grey coverage.  Amazing.

henna root touch up

Have you used henna thawed out of the freezer? What were your results?

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  2. Yes, I have used frozen henna and it works the same as a fresh batch. Making the batch a head of time really saves time- prepare it, freeze it, thaw it & use it; this works best for me. I make a large batch and divide into 4 individual batches before freezing.

    • Sure was! I only get my henna from mehandi because i like how they provide details on the quality of their henna. Plus I’ve tried a number of their brands of henna – all good quality

    • I think that frozen henna that’s not been mixed with anything is most potent but I have mixed in honey and frozen it to find that it still had staining power. The best thing to do is try it. Freeze just a small amount so that if it doesn’t work, you don’t lose much product.

      I know there’s info out there that you don’t get the color stain from a henna gloss that you get from a full strength henna but I’ve found that not to be true. However, it could also be the potency of the brand of henna purchased. I get mine from mehandi.com

      Hope that helps :)

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    • I experienced the same thing. If you want to use the Jamila without the dryness, add some honey just before you are about to put it in.

      Also, have you tried the henna for african hair from mehandi? That henna has THE finest sift I’ve ever experienced.

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