11 Apr

Transitioning Skin Care – We’re In A New Season

The first day of Spring was March 20th. It’s hard to believe that we are almost a month into this new season. Especially, here in New York. We had absolutely no winter whatsoever.

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The temperatures this past winter almost never fell below freezing, which is completely abnormal for New York. I believe it’s in great part due to global warming. But, that’s another blog post altogether.

When the seasons change, your skin’s needs may also change. You may find it to be less dry as the cold air is warming up a bit.

As your skin changes with the seasons, so should the products you use to care for it.

I can’t speak for anybody else’s skin but here are some changes that I make to my skin care regimen when the climate changes from cold to warm to hot:

  • Replace heavy body butters with creams and lotions. As the weather warms, my skin doesn’t require the heavy sealing moisturizes as the air is less dry and my skin less dehydrated.
  • Keep my hair away from the sides of my face. The warmer it gets, the oils in my skin tend to produce more than when it was cold. Having my hair in contact with the increased oil on my skin increases the chance of an outbreak.
  • Treat my skin with normal AND oily skin products. In the winter, my skin is more prone to dryness but in the spring and summer, dryness is usually no where in sight. It’s usually very normalized with some T-zone areas – aka combination
  • Exfoliate my body more often. Spring and summer are times when you want to show more skin. Skin that’s shown should be skin that’s smooth. That’s why products like the Favored Feet Gift Set exist – to help exfoliate and smooth out feet so that the latest and greatest sandals can be worn with confidence.

Do you notice your skin changing when the seasons change? If so, what do you do to transition with it?

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17 thoughts on “Transitioning Skin Care – We’re In A New Season

  1. I am grateful to share this post. I am taking it seriously related on your post on how to take good care of the skin during warm and cold. I’m using natural remedy as my skin care at home.

  2. Agreed! I never use body butter during the summer. It gets me all uncomfortable but I will take your advice about using lotion for the skin during the summer. Thanks again!

    • You’re welcome :-) Body butter is great but I typically don’t use it when it’s warm outside. Makes me all sweaty lol

    • Not really sure since I don’t have cellulite :-) I also prefer more natural alternatives. I’ve used wheat germ oil for scars

    • I agree to an extent. It really depends on your skin type. Some people still face extreme dryness in the summer but for the majority, lotions will work just fine since butters are very heavy and work best in the winter at sealing in moisture.

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