Two Natural Agents for Clearer Skin

When you are truly on a quest for near perfect skin (nobody’s is perfect but you can darn close), you continue to educate yourself about ways to reach that goal.

While browsing online, I came across this video from certified aesthetician, Jaquelyn Hill. In the video Jaquelyn shares how you can use products containing licorice root and bilberry to improve your skin tone. Check it out:

Have you ever used any products with licorice root and/or bilberry in them? If so, what was your experience? If no, what natural agents have you found help keep your skin clear?

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  5. Natural agents is really been very good than the other make-up we can apply to our face. Good thing you have shared these kind of cleaner.

    • Thanks Tracy :)

  6. I use a lot of Origins products which are very much natural product based. i can’t remember the ingredients off the top of my head, but I have seen a difference since using their Night-a-Mins, Modern Friction scrub, and Dr. Weil’s Mega Bright.

    • Ooooh Ali, you make me want to try this one! I’ve heard of the Origins line but have yet to try any of the products. That may soon change!

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