11 Jan

Vote for Your Favorite Piece of Jewelry

have to have shopping widget

have to have shopping widget

Hey gals, I’m sharing some fashion related posts from time to time and want to kick it off with one of my faves…Jewelry!

Have to Have, a new online registry for all your fashion needs has made shopping a lot more easy AND fun!

To kick off this tool, a bunch of BlogHer bloggers are playing a game to see who gets votes on the most popular product.

In the widget below, you’ll find some beautiful pieces of jewelry available around the web that I have chosen to include as pat of the contest. Many of these pieces are inspired by the Off-Broadway Play, The Heiress but not in the way you think! The ladies in this play did not wear much jewelry at all. What a shame. If I were the fashion coordinator for the play, I would have incorporated some of these pieces into their wardrobes.

Back to the game..

Will you help me win? All you have to do is vote on your favorite piece. Share if you Have to Have it….or not. That’s it!

As this post gets old, I’ll move it to the right side bar so you can keep up with the voting as well.

Thanks so much for your participation. I’ll be hosting another give away in the future to show my appreciation. :-)

Read more about The Heiress here


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