02 Feb

The Oil Cleansing Method and What You Need to Know


There’s a lot of talk about the oil cleansing method in African American forums. Some ladies swear by it (usually those who just started doing oil cleansing) and others find that the side effects are just not worth it.

What Is Oil Cleansing?

I have a lot to share on the oil cleansing method and it will take a few posts for me to do so.

For starters, let me explain what oil cleansing is:

Oil cleansing is a natural skin care method by which natural oils are used to cleanse and balance the oils in the skin.  It’s based on the idea that oil dissolves oil.

Even though women with normal and dry skin have tried this method, it doesn’t even make sense.  If you have dry or normal skin, why disturb the already delicate balance of oil in your skin?

Common Oils Used


People who use the oil cleansing method apply a combination of castor oil and extra virgin olive oil to the skin.  Sometimes Grapeseed or Jojoba oil is used in place of the extra virgin olive oil.

There’s a bit of detail on the oil cleansing method that I will share with you over the next few weeks including why you should NOT use this form of “skin care” on your delicately pigmented skin.

In the meantime, if you have ever used the oil cleansing method, share your experience in the comments.  I’m willing to bet that there are just as many ladies against the method as there are for.

P.S. Don’t miss future posts on what I have to say about the Oil Cleansing Method…and yes I have lots to say!