26 Sep

Bun Hairstyles

HOTD: 1 Bun, 3 Different Styles

Today’s HOTD (Stands for Hairstyle of The Day – just in case you’re slow like me lol…I couldn’t figure out OOTD on fashion blogs for a minute) is a number of looks of sorts. They are based in the simplicity of one of my protective hairstyles – The Bun.

The following 3 hairstyles are achieved by setting the hair in a bun with either a banana clip or satin scrunchie in different locations on the head. Then I added different hair accessories for accent.

Here’s the 1st Hairstyle:

It pays to live in NY. I can virtually any type of hair accessory around. There are so many spots to buy them. The best part is they only cost from $1-$3.



2 More Hairstyles:

I threw a cornrow in the front for a little variation. Still simple.bun3

I’m realizing the more I manipulate my hair, the more it breaks. So, I’m trying to protect my ends by using low manipulation protective styling as much as possible. Without doing so, I won’t reach my goal of mid back and breast length by end of year.

This simple bun was created with a satin scrunchy and bobby pins to pin curl. I used Murray’s Beeswax Cream and Jane Carter’s Nourish and Shine to Smooth my edges and eliminate frizzies. Yes, simplicity at it’s finest.

I have plenty more with more accessories but didn’t want to use them all up in one post so stay tuned.

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