17 Oct

A Henna-fied Weekend of My Crown and Glory

This past weekend, I tried a new brand of henna. Normally, I use either Henna for African Hair by Celebration Sunrise or Jamila that I get from Mehandi.com

Finding it difficult to curb product junkyism, I scooped up another brand (Rajasthani) that I found over at Ayur Natural Beauty. They carry a number of ayurvedic treatments and their prices are among the best I’ve seen online.

rajasthani henna

I only purchased 100 grams because I wanted to make sure I liked it before investing in more. So can I just say I just LOVE this henna? The sift is super fine (no trouble rinsing out), it was gentle on my scalp (hey finally!) AND (with attitude) my hair was left super soft.  I will definitely be purchasing this brand A-gain!

A Word on Good Quality Henna

If you’re unaware of what makes henna a good quality for staining and strengthening your hair, keep these in mind:

* The henna should be Body Art Quality (BAQ). Run like the wind if it says Henna hair coloring or something of the link. Henna is not a hair coloring. It is an herb with the ability to deposit color onto your hair.

* The henna should have a pretty high lawsone (dye) content. The Rajasthani henna is a whopping 2.9%. The Henna for African Hair is 2.2%. Jamila has been slipping. It was as low as 1.19%

* Should be free of pesticides or other contaminants.

* Should have a super fine sift and sealed in airtight bags. If the sift isn’t very fine, you’ll be pissed because you’ll have to rinse your hair for an hour to get it out.

So, I’ve been doing henna for about 5 months and have noticed an increase in my hair’s shine and an improvement in my hair’s texture. I took my time with this new henna and here are the results:

Hair is growing (stay tuned for the length check posts)

michelle-leadhair oct2011-henna (1)

Still trying to perfect the twist out

Why I Do What I Do

Before I wrap this up, I wanted to share why I do all the things that I do to my hair. Hopefully, it will enlighten someone.  My reasons are actually only A Reason.  Your hair is your crown and glory. God blessed you with a body and you should take care of it to the best of your ability.

I have not only been paying attention to my hair with the fierceness. I’ve started a new healthy eating, exercise and spiritual way of living. It is my goal to be a well-rounded person by honoring God with my entire being. Will you join me?

22 Oct

Easy Textured Banana Clipped Protective Style

Natural hair is so versatile.  What’s great is with all the protective styles available to you, there’s no reason you can’t come up with a new style every week!  I thoroughly enjoy discovering new ways to style my hair.

Protective styling your hair is also protective for your skin. The less your hair is hanging in your face, on your shoulders or on your neck, the less of a chance you have for germs to be introduced onto your skin.  That means a reduced chance of getting a pimple.  Score.

So, I said all that to say check out this style I did the other day (notice my attempt at sepia and b&w lol):



I achieved this minimal protective style with 3 simple accessories: The Banana Clip (remember when these came in colors?), Goodie Ouchless Bobby Pins and a cheapie headband I forgot I had.

What’s great about the banana clip is you can achieve a much fuller bun with it. Of course, you have to have enough length to wrap it around but as long as you can get half of the hair around once in one direction and the other half around in the other direction, all you have to do is pin and you’re good.

Have you or do you ever use the banana clip in any of your hairstyles?