17 Jun

When Hair and Skin Play Nice Together

For the past few months, I’ve been really focused on my hair. I joined the Kim Coles Growout Challenge after completing the Radiant Skin Challenge.  I have been very careful not to use heat on my hair while also taking extra special care of it (co-washing, henna-ing etc.).

Yeah, I know. I am usually all about talking skincare but lately, my hair has bee at the forefront of my thoughts. A hair/skin junkie? Maybe.

At any rate, I wanted to share the best way to get your hair and your skin to play nice. Simple. Protective styling.

How Protective Hair Styling Protects Your Hair

If you wear your hair out a lot, it’s constantly rubbing up against your skin – the back of your neck, the sides of your face and your forehead if you wear bangs. Loose hair will interfere with good skin care (hey, that rhymes)

Of course, wearing your hair out has its place but if you wear protective styles, you are helping your skin by eliminating contact with germs that are found in/on the hair.

Now some people think of protective styles as braids or up-dos. Well, if your ends aren’t tucked, it’s not really protective style. That’s not to say your ends can never be exposed either.  There are up-do styles where the ends are exposed but if your hair is going to play nicely with your skin, there can be no contact.

Everything from up-dos, to pinned twists and pinned curls will work great for your hair and for your skin.

hair-skin-play-nice 1

More Tips to Care for Your Skin and Hair Simultaneously

So what happens when you don’t wear a protective style?  How do you get your hair and skin to play nicely then?  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Wash your hair regularly to prevent product and germ buildup which can interact with your skin
  • Avoid using hair (and skin) products that are heavily laced with chemicals
  • Aim to keep your hair moisturized, not greased. Greasy hair does nothing for you but clogs your pores.

hair-skin-play-nice 2

Here are some styles I’ve worn lately (nothing too fancy but my skin and hair play nice!):

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